Our Courses

Our friendly team and instructors are always available in training you in our various IT courses that best meets your needs and to create bespoke solution(s)​


  • Introduction to Mobile Data Collection
  • Introduction to KoboToolbox
  • Setting up KoBoCollect
  • KoboToolBox Server
  • Designing and Creating Forms
    Using Form Builder
  • Designing and Creating Form
  • using XLS form
  • Using KoboCollect for Field
  • Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Visualizing Geographic Data

Web-based GIS and Mapping

  • Handling Spatial Data
  • Working with PostgreSQL with Postgis
  • Working with Geoserver
  • Creating SLD styles with QGIS
  • Bringing Data into Geoserver and Displaying the Results
  • Processing Client Requests on the Server
  • Document Object Model and Events
  • JavaScript and JQuery
  • Interacting with Geoserver from the Client with Openlayers 5

GIS for Epidemiology and Public Health

  • Introduction to Medical Geography (Dr. John Snow example)
  • Mobile based data collection for health applications
  • GIS in health applications
  • Working with tabular data
  • GIS analysis and mapping techniques
  • Designing maps for a health study
  • Case study: Studying disease outbreaks

GIS for Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

  • MODULE 1:Introduction and definitions of key concepts
  • Introduction to GIS Software (QGIS)
  • MODULE 2: GIS Data Management
  • MODULE 3: Development and presentation of maps
  • Case studies: GIS application in water quality testing
  • MODULE 5:Statistical data analysis for WASH

GIS for Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Section one: An Overview of GIS and Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Section 2: New technologies being adopted in project M&E
  • Section 3: The GIS Interface
  • Section 4: Geographic Analysis of M&E data
  • Section 5:  Thematic Mapping of M&E data

GIS for Water Resource Management

  • Map projections and coordinate systems
  • Watersheds, streams and aquifers delineation,
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Dissemination of new information and knowledge,

GIS Data Collection, Analysis & Visualization

  • Module 1: Introduction to new maps plus, cartography and GIS, and creating maps in QGIS
  • Module 2: Thematic data mapping with table joins
  • Module 03: Geocoding and point in polygon analysis
  • Module 04: Hexbin and heat mapping
  • Module 05: Creating and editing vector Geometries
  • Module 06: Openstreetmap data and Introduction to Geoprocessing tools
  • Module 07: Geoprocessing in QGIS and automating workflows
  • Module 08: Integrating QGIS with cartodb
  • Module 09: Advanced mapping techniques with QGIS and cartodb
  • Module 10: Bringing it all together (course project)

Photogrammetry and Drone Mapping

  • Setting up your drone for optimum drone mapping
  • Camera Settings
  • Image formats
  • Your PC and post-processing software requirements
  • Pix4DCapture and WebODM overview
  • Practical Mapping in the field using Pix4Dcapure – 2D, 3D and structural
  • Post-processing and 2D / 3D outputs using WebODM / QGIS
  • Orthomosaics – Georeferenced, orthorectified maps
  • Elevation Models – Easily generate georeferenced DSMs/DTMs
  • Measurements – Volume and area measurements
  • Contours – Preview and export elevation contours to AutoCAD, ShapeFile, GeoPackage
  • Ground Control Points – When and how to use GCPs for additional accuracy
  • 3D Models – 3D models and point clouds in a variety of formats.
  • Point Clouds and export formats
  • 3D Rendering and Textures 
  • Creating fly-throughs
  • Export – High-resolution GeoTIFF, PNG, LAS, OBJ formats to name a few
  • Exporting to QGIS
  • Exporting to web and 3D printer